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Welcome to Sandusky Valley Plant Nursery!

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Sandusky Valley Plant Nursery Online  is an Online Plant Nursery and Mail Order Plant Nursery where you can buy plants, trees, flowering shrubs, vines, fruit trees, nut trees, oak trees, willow trees, hydrangeas and other unique plants. Sandusky Valley Plant Nursery Online is dedicated to bringing you some of the most rare and most unusual plant seedlings from around the world. You can buy plants online or via mail and have them shipped directly to your home. Please take some time to browse around the online plant nursery  catalog and we hope you will find an intriguing plant that would look great in your landscape. When you do, there are several options to buy plants online or offline.  As you browse keep in mind we are happy to answer any plant or general  questions you may have. Sandusky Valley Plant Nursery Online is currently shipping nursery tree and shrub seedlings to all states except California and Hawaii. We look forward to helping you with your live plant and gardening needs. 

Happy Gardening!    


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