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Please follow these directions for Gift Certificate:

1. Fill out name and shipping information and make sure to enter Gift Certificate number.

2. Enter plants that you want along with size(if there is more than 1 size available) and quantity.

3. If your total is less than the gift certificate amount, then remaining credit will be recorded for later use. Gift Certificates are redeemable for merchandise only. Your remaining credit will be listed on invoice sent with plants.

4. If your total order is greater than the gift certificate amount then you will be notified via email, or postal mail (if no email address is provided) the amount due. The email/mail will provide instructions for payment online or offline.


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Please enter your name and shipping address:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Home Phone

Please enter the Gift Certificate Number:

Gift Certificate Number

Please enter the number of items you would like to purchase. Make sure to include the size the plant if there are more than one size available for a certain plant.


Plant name                  Size (if needed)             Quantity                         

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