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Sandusky Valley Nursery is happy to announce the addition of gift certificates to it's product listings. These gift certificates can be redeemed online or via mail-in orders. To redeem online please visit the gift certificate redemption page. To redeem by mail click here to reach the printable order form.



Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are great gift ideas for the gardener or plant enthusiast in your family or amongst your friends. It is often very difficult to purchase plants as gifts for people and gift certificates offer a great alternative. Christmas and holiday time is at a time of year when few places are selling trees and shrubs due to weather, but what a wonderful gift to a plant lover who can browse through the online catalog all winter and pick out exactly what they want. The plants will then be shipped directly to their door beginning in early April. Sandusky Valley Nursery ships plants from April to November and they can pick when the want them shipped. Sandusky Valley nursery ships to 48 states excluding California and Hawaii. Please do not give these gift certificates to people who live in either California or Hawaii since state regulations prevent shipment of plants to these States. Sandusky Valley Nursery does not ship outside the continental United States.


Gift Certificate Terms:

Gift certificates redeemable for merchandise only.

Gift certificates in U.S. dollars only.

Gift certificates expire 2 years from purchase date.







$10.00 Gift Certificate

$25.00 Gift Certificate
$50.00 Gift Certificate

$75.00 Gift Certificate

$100.00 Gift Certificate

$200.00 Gift Certificate


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