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Kaleidoscope Pumpkins was created to offer a stunning assortment of very colorful pumpkins to both home and small/medium commercial growers.  These pumpkins are sold as a blend  only. Over 50 different heirloom, ancient, ethnic, Kaleidoscope exclusive hybrids, Kaleidoscope open pollinated varieties, exotic  and old-time varieties and strains are included in the seed blend offered here.  All seeds are GMO free. 

Home growers

Small packets of seed are offered for those who would like to grow them in  their gardens and do not wish to purchase hundreds of seeds. They are offered at a reasonable price. You will be able to grow some very cool and amazing pumpkins that will make your Autumn displays the talk of the neighborhood. One drawback is that since there are over 50 varieties and strains, not all varieties will be represented in packets of 10, 25 and 50 seeds. 

Farmers' Market Grower 

Part of the inspiration for starting Kaleidoscope pumpkins came from my experiences as a seller at local farmers' markets. Everyone has orange pumpkins, but how many have multi-colored, strange and exotic pumpkins?  This mix will give you a HUGE competitive and advantage over other vendors at the market. Colorful pumpkins will sell for more than similarly sized Orange ones. Once the word gets out of what you have, you can expect word of mouth to bring in more customers.  I sell medium sized packets of 100, 250 that will give an excellent blend of all shapes and sizes I have available. 

Fundraiser Grower

If you are looking to grow pumpkins for your organization's fundraiser, Kaleidoscope pumpkins offers an great opportunity to get an excellent return on your investment. These pumpkins will almost sell themselves and you can expect to get premium prices for them.  No need to lean on people to get them to buy these!

Small-Medium Commercial grower

We have all seen the big box retailers park several bins of under-priced pumpkins at their entrances to completely undersell the local competition. I am sure you have had whiney customer's walk in and let you know how cheaply they are selling at bigbox-mart.  That has certainly been my experience at some of the local farmers' markets. Now is you chance to do something that the big box retailers can't do: grow some exotic  colorful pumpkins like those listed here. 




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