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Sandusky Valley Nursery is a licensed small  mail order and internet nursery business located in the beautiful Sandusky River Valley in Northcentral Ohio. Sandusky Valley Nursery are dedicated to finding and bringing to our customers some of the rarest and most unusual plants from all corners of the globe. Please feel free to browse through our online catalog and I hope you will find something that makes a great addition to your landscape.


        Sandusky Valley Nursery is continually looking for and adding new species and varieties to the listings. I believe in quality over quantity and give individual attention to each plant grown. Sandusky Valley Nursery is geared toward the garden enthusiast who loves plants as much as Sandusky Valley Nursery does. There is no minimum order. You may order from 1 plant to as many plants as you want. If you wish to order 25 plants or more of the same variety please contact us first to make sure Sandusky Valley Nursery has the quantity on hand to fill your order. This especially applies to plants listed as limited quantity available. 

        Sandusky Valley Nursery offers plants that are usually between 6 to 36" tall and 1-2 years of age depending on the specific species. This size offers many advantages over taller plants often found in walk-in nurseries. The most important is significantly lowered transplant stress. Ideally, a plant's stem and branches should be roughly equal to the roots below ground. This balance will enable the roots to absorb enough water and nutrients to keep the plant growing and enable the leaves to produce enough energy to sustain the rest of the plant including the roots. If this balance is not keep the plant will suffer. You may have noticed this if you have ever planted a large tree or shrub from a container and noticed how intertwined the roots were and small in size compared to the rest of the plant. After planting you may also have noticed how slow the plant grew each year a few years after planting. This is a very common problem with larger transplants. Containers just aren't big enough to develop enough root mass to avoid the transplant stress problem. Smaller plants are much easier to grow with a good root system that is ready to quickly adapt to your growing conditions. Studies have shown that trees transplanted when small will grow much faster than trees transplanted at a larger size and catch up or ever surpass them in overall size in a 5-10 year time frame. So, in the short run you will have a smaller plant but in the long term you will have a healthy and vigorous plant ready to not just survive but to thrive in your garden. That is my mission here at Sandusky Valley Nursery.


Thank you,

John C. Failor


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