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History Of Kaleidoscope Pumpkins

Kaleidoscope Pumpkins' first year of selling seed is 2012, though it has been in the works for some time longer.  Being a Nurseryman by trade, I have always had a green thumb. Pumpkins have been a hobby of mine since my age was in single digits. Over the years, I have grown just about every pumpkin, gourd or squash there is and the diversity of genes is quite amazing. Sadly, those extreme genes are lacking in the pumpkin seed market. Throughout the last several decades there has been a incredible amount of pumpkin breeding. The focus being the perfect orange pumpkin. And I must say, they have been quite successful. Almost too successful,  as all other colors are quite uncommon in commerce.  And it is a shame, the genetics of color in the common pumpkin is quite diverse. That is where Kaleidoscope pumpkins comes in. 


The 80's.

Back in the 80's was when I first started growing pumpkins of all types. I would then save the seed from the year's best specimens. I began to notice that many pumpkins would freely cross with gourds and squash. Back then, it was just a hobby an a fun thing to do. Also, they made some way cool jack-o lanterns! When you mix those genes up, the result was pretty cool.  Back then I just left the pollination up to the bees, so saved seed started showing some very unique colors and patterns.  In those days, I was  growing Connecticut field pumpkins, colorful small gourds, zucchinis and some acorn squash. What is really cool is that a few of the varieties in my Kaleidoscope mix are direct descendents from those early accident crosses.  In the 80's it was just a summer hobby an a fun thing to do. 


The 90's

The 90's are when  first started to control pollinate some of my early varieties. I really didn't know, nor care  what the end product might look like but was fun seeing what came out of a cross. I started making some interesting observations about dominant colors and shapes, though information about  pumpkin genetics was pretty sparse. Those early varieties I was working on from the 80's really started  take shape. At that time, it was just a hobby. I never really thought about selling their seeds or that anyone would buy them. 


Early 2000's

With the mainstreaming of the internet, a whole new world of pumpkins opened up. All kinds of old and heirloom varieties were just a few clicks away. I found an unbelievable selection of old and heirloom and exotic varieties. Many were added to my existing  collection and were also crossed with them. The result was a excellent, and growing, collection of colorful pumpkins. Even then it was still just a hobby, and I would save just enough seed to plant the following year. 

Mid to late 2000's

The development of Kaleidoscope seeds eureka moment came when I started to sell at Farmer's markets. I started growing some regular orange pumpkins and selling them at the local farmer's markets. The first year I sold at markets was a good one with plenty of rain and a good crop of pumpkins. I grew all standard orange pumpkins big and small. I never even thought about trying to sell any of my pumpkin collection. I considered it a hobby and no one would be that interested in them anyway. Well, the second year was hot and dry, not a big crop so I took along some of my colorful pumpkins. Within an hour all the colorful or odd pumpkins were gone and people were asking for more! That's where the light bulb went off.  There was definitely a need for these exotic colorful pumpkins!  But there was a problem, I didn't have much more than a handful of seed of each variety.  Well, then I started planting a lot more plants, doing a lot more hand pollinating and making room for new isolation growing plots.


 Now, its 2012 and there is plenty of seed and am ready to selling and shipping.



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